Note on Lessons Learned: Lietuvos samariečių bendrija

Posted on | Note on Lessons Learned: Lietuvos samariečių bendrija

Lietuvos samariečių bendrija (LSB) got involved in this project for one main reason:

Can this be achieved by us?

Years of pandemic showed us importance of the need for the digitalised world which includes training. First aid is needed every day and you can never know when you‘re going to need save the others and the pandemic did not change this need. Even in lockdown we have people that we care about and would want to protect and save in emergencies. 

After hearing shared experience from the organisations from other countries we can check the ideas that they had we can try to put everything into one experience: that it is long road but the one that we like to take.

The presentation of LSA in Riga showed us their experience with blended training which has much value for other organisations that are starting to adapt those methods. This included the challenges that professionally filmed video presentations pose and how the transfer of information to participants by this mean has to be approached differently from regular coursework.

The experience our partner organisations in Italy shared is something anyone can be jealous of. 

Starting from different methods of training – finishing on different target groups.

At meeting in Modena, Italy we got to see different methods and target groups. 

Covid-19 pandemic was truly challenging for everyone, starting from civilians continuing to the volunteers.

Every huge crisis gives us  a ‘‘kick“ to innovate. This time was no different. ANPAS had to get lot of new volunteers so they had to adapt to the life situation and showed us how they did it. They had to create a system to train new volunteers to replace the ones that had higher risk of getting infection. They created multiple systems for different personnel. Those who need basic knowledge and the ones that needed extensive knowledge. We saw that even during hard times of the pandemic that the need for the face-to-face training is still needed.

At meeting in Bolzano we saw how Croce Bianca/Weisses Kreuz had succesfully integrated with ERC CoSy e-learning platform. We saw a lot of impressive innovation that we as organisation. The use of modern technology showed us that learning can be entertaining as well. The digitalization of CPR mannequins that analyse your technique and show it in the form of race shows that training can be fun and fun activities have better abilities to reach out to the youth.

To finalize – all the experience learned from this project showed us few things:

It is important to have experts at every part of the training concept, experts at videos creation, experts at teaching and etc.

It is achievable. We have great examples, we saw the power of modern technology, we learned from their mistakes. 

Our organisation learned a lot and we love what our Samaritan sister organisations did. It is time for us to try and create something with the lessons from the project in mind.

‘‘Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others“ – Otto von Bismarck