Note on Lessons Learned: Inicijativa za razvoj i saradnju

Posted on | Note on Lessons Learned: Inicijativa za razvoj i saradnju

The Corona pandemic, which was a great health danger for the whole world, has influenced development of digital / online initiatives in different spheres, such as education, commerce, meetings, etc. During the pandemic online activities was the only way to continue working despite the lock downs and social distancing measures. However, some of the online activities demonstrated that this method can be an optional and new method for learning in the post Covid period.    

Erasmus+ DIGIFIRSTAID project, led by Samaritan International (SAM.I), in partnership with SAM.I members, among them IDC, focused on online first aid training courses. For IDC this project was a learning process of a new area, such as digital first aid courses. Through three project meetings hosted by project partners LSA from Latvia, ANPAS and White Cross from Italy, three different models of digital first aid courses where presented into detail to other project partners. The meetings were an opportunity for the three organizations to present their experience during the development of the digital first aid courses, to exchange the positive aspects of their models and approaches, as well as the challenges. As for IDC, it was a unique and valuable opportunity to receive an in-depth understanding of the development process of the three different models and approaches and the specific needs of the course participants, which were the bases for the course development. Each of the presented models and approaches were separately developed i.e. without exchange among them during the development process. Therefore, for IDC this was a unique opportunity to have a comprehensive understanding of the development process of each model and of three completely different models and approaches which can be utilized in digital first aid training courses. Based on the extensive knowledge gained during the meeting and exchange of know-how, IDC has established a great knowledge base from which it can draw value information and knowledge for possible future development of digital first aid courses in Serbia. In addition, IDC is able to share the gained knowledge with other organizations in Serbia which are engaged in first aid courses and provide them with knowledge support in developing digital first aid courses. In addition, IDC gained an in-depth understanding of the impressive work that LSA, ANPAS and White Cross do as first aid and first responders, how the organizations are structured, which type of support they provide to their beneficiaries, how the cooperate with public health institutions, their response and support to international crises and natural disasters, such as the Ukraine and earthquake in Turkey in 2023, and their vehicle fleet and helicopters.