Note on Lessons Learned: Community Development Institute

Posted on | Note on Lessons Learned: Community Development Institute

The work under the Erasmus+ project “DIGIFIRSTAID” was new and revealing to the Community Development Institute (CDI) and of course, caught the CDI’s interest while at the same time making us more mindful of the options available to us.

At the first meeting in Latvia, we witnessed positive experiences with blended learning in their recent digitalization effort. Furthermore, we witnessed their first try with professionally recorded films. We learned about their COVID-19 experiences, in which an instructor studied the theory online and the trainees came individually to practice the practical skills. Their experiments with professional film were discouraging since they revealed the drawbacks of using this medium for first-aid training. When non-first aid experts watch the videos, items that seem self-explanatory can be misinterpreted.

ANPAS in Italy, on the other hand, showed multiple digital teaching and training efforts from first aid and associated fields and how during the COVID epidemic, volunteers were also taught using programs that could be purchased for a low cost. At the same time, both administrators and volunteers had simple access to help and an intuitive user interface.

Another example of blended learning was shown to us in Italy, at the White Cross. We were presented how successfully the White Cross integrated with ERC CoSy e-learning platform. We also observed how the use of contemporary technology can be fun as well by using Bluetooth connected CPR mannequins. Five people compete in a race while performing CPR on a mannequin and their progress, via Bluetooth, is presented on a screen.

We witnessed so much outstanding innovation that we as an organization are increasingly aware that digitization will be a component of all future trainings.

CDI obtained a thorough grasp of the amazing job that LSA, ANPAS, and White Cross conduct as first aid responders and the DIGIFIRSTAID project has certainly made all the project partners more conscious of the need to strengthen first aid training courses through the use of new digital technologies, but it has also aided in the sharing of knowledge and experiences, integrating perspectives, and producing positive changes among all participating organizations.As organisation dedicated to social services and support to vulnerable groups, with the content produced and knowledge generated within this project, CDI have strengthened its capacities  and we believe we can provide quality services and to contribute to further development of first aid services in Macedonia.